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NovoPath as a Leading Laboratory Information System Provider

This prestigious annual list recognizes companies that are revolutionizing the healthcare industry with innovative laboratory management solutions. NovoPath was selected for its cutting-edge laboratory information system (LIS) software that helps laboratories improve workflow efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety. 

Laboratory Information System

Provide Faster Turnaround Times - Period.

NovoPath 360 continues to raise the bar by helping anatomic labs enable precision medicine with our new enhanced testing for anatomic and molecular workflows.

NovoPath 360 laboratory information system now provides labs an effortless way to add ancillary molecular tests to their workflows within a single case in turn automatically producing one single report. 

Having LIS software that supports molecular and anatomic testing, laboratories can provide rapid turnaround times while assisting physicians with precise information to provide better patient care. 

Laboratory Information System


Redefining Laboratory Information Systems

Here at NovoPath, we’re on a mission to redefine the way labs operate with a leading-edge laboratory information system. We are ecstatic to bring to you the most comprehensive SaaS laboratory information system (LIS) available.

With NovoPath 360 LIS platform, you can ensure your lab will be running like a well-oiled machine. Ensuring the right information goes to the right person – at the right time. With a 360° view of your lab, never miss a beat. 

If you want to scale, no problem –NovoPath 360 enables you to add specialties easily and quickly as you grow.

Anatomic Pathology LIS Software

Laboratory Information Systems



Easy to Use




Automated Case Assigments

for Pathologist

99.95% Uptime


NovoPath 360 Laboratory Information Management System

Laboratory Information Systems

Accession to Storage

Specimen Tracking

Whole Slide




360° View

Pre-defined & custom dashboards

100% Customizable



South Bend Medical Foundation cuts TAT by 6 hours per case

Discover how South Bend Medical Foundation transitioned from their traditional on-premises LIS to NovoPath 360, SaaS-Based LIS, resulting in a 50% reduction in workflow steps and a decrease of 6 hours per case in turnaround time (TAT).

Client Highlights

Driving Innovation in Labs
Laboratory Information Systems

A LIS software solution that streamlines workflows for:
General Histology/Surgical  Cytology Dermatopathology Gastroenterology Urology Hematopathology Molecular FISH Flow Cytogenetics

Get More Work Done Faster

NovoPath 360 provides pathologists with an easy-to-use LIS system that is proven to get more done in fewer clicks.

Easily review specimen data, order new slides, collaborate on cases, and release reports in seconds.

It has never been easier to find, review, diagnose and release cases before. See why pathologists prefer the NovoPath 360 LIMS system:

  • Easily attach images directly to a case
  • Collaborate with pathologists across the hall or in another state
  •  Save a case at any stage
  • Customize reports how you like them
  • Release cases in seconds
  • Pre-configured diagnostic codes and descriptions
  • Rich- text formatting
  • Quickly move from one screen to the next without having to wait

Reduce IT Complexity

Sleep easier at night knowing your LIS System is fully powered by NovoPath 360.

Delivered as a SaaS model and backed by Microsoft, you’ll never again experience unexpected downtimes. 

Security will always be a top priority for any CIO that is why we’ve designed our LIS platform to keep external hackers at bay but also maintain internal balance. 

  • Configurable security policies 
  • User-based profiles and settings
  • Complete audit trail
  • Two-factor authentication
  • SOC2 certified
  • SSO support
  • 2FA support

Ensure Fast and Accurate Results

NovoPath 360 ensures your clients are satisfied with fast and accurate results.

Our easy-to-use LIS system empowers you to remain compliant, manage day-to-day production operations, monitor performance, and track results against targets.

Ensure your running a well-oiled lab with NovoPath 360.

  • Easily understand where any case is at any point of the process
  • Complete hassle-free audits
  • Identify bottlenecks faster
  • Automatically manage pathologist workflows

360° View of Your Lab

NovoPath 360 provides a comprehensive view of each case, stage, and operation. Easily and quickly track TATs, bottlenecks, workloads, errors, and every detail within the workflow to reduce errors and operational inefficiencies enabling you to grow in style.  

  • Pre-built dashboards and reports
  • Automatic case distribution
  • End-to-end specimen tracking from accession to storage
  • Ensure quality throughout all the aspects of the laboratory operation with barcoded labels for requisitions, slides, and cassettes
  • Automated stainer interfaces to help reduce redundancy


Give your team the LIS system to accurately diagnose cases faster.

Laboratory Information System

Automatically Compile Multi-Speciality Reports with NovoPath

LIS System

Empowering the Digital Pathology Labs of Tomorrow

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What Clients Say About NovoPath LIS


“We had a 30% increase in volume this January from last, and without NovoPath in place as our LIS, our previous LIS would have been a bottleneck to not handle the volume in take.”

Dr DeSantis, Medical Director
Westlake Dermatology 



“When it comes to selecting an LIS vendor, Inform Diagnostics based its selection on functionality, which is considered a key factor to achieve optimal efficiency.

We are unique in that we have several different lines of business, and it is difficult to find an LIS that supports all of these, so we keep a careful eye out for ones that are able to work to the extent of our operations with versatility.”

Tonia Visalli, Vice President of Business Operations, Inform Diagnostics – A Fulgent Genetics Company

AI in Pathology white paper


Challenges and Opportunities of AI in Pathology: Navigating the Future of Diagnostics


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Laboratory Information Systems FAQ

A Laboratory Information System, often referred to as LIS, LIS system, LIS software or lab management software, is an indispensable Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) tool designed specifically for the operational management of pathology labs. Its primary functions include streamlining sample tracking, facilitating electronic test ordering, ensuring accurate and prompt result reporting, managing vast data efficiently, and upholding stringent quality control measures. Sample tracking within an LIS minimizes the risk of specimen mix-ups and losses by assigning unique identifiers and documenting the sample’s journey through the lab, thereby enhancing operational transparency and auditability.

The system’s test ordering and result reporting capabilities allow for electronic requests and swift delivery of findings, which in turn accelerates diagnosis and treatment processes, directly impacting patient care positively. Furthermore, an LIS’s robust data management feature supports the handling of extensive patient information, test results, and other pertinent data, enabling staff to easily retrieve and analyze information for reporting, trend tracking, and decision-making purposes.

Quality control is another critical aspect facilitated by an LIS, automating the monitoring of control samples, equipment calibration, and maintenance schedules. This automation helps in identifying and addressing deviations promptly, ensuring laboratories maintain high standards of accuracy and reliability in test results. By significantly reducing manual tasks and errors, enhancing accuracy, and ensuring regulatory compliance, an LIS not only improves the efficiency and quality of laboratory operations but also plays a crucial role in elevating patient care standards. It embodies a comprehensive solution that meets the complex needs of pathology labs, making it a fundamental component in the healthcare sector’s technological landscape.

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is an essential software designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of laboratory operations across various sectors, including medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological research. As a key technological framework, LIMS automates critical workflows, ensuring precision in data management, bolstering quality control, facilitating regulatory compliance, and providing sophisticated tools for reporting and analysis.

Workflow automation, a principal feature of LIMS, significantly minimizes human errors by managing routine processes such as sample tracking, data entry, and result analysis. This leads to improved operational efficiency and allows staff to concentrate on more significant tasks. The system ensures a seamless flow from sample receipt through to analysis and reporting, thereby streamlining laboratory operations.

LIMS plays a crucial role in maintaining data accuracy by directly capturing data from instruments and standardizing data entry procedures. This is vital for preserving the integrity of laboratory results and supporting informed decision-making. Quality control is another area where LIMS excels, tracking control samples, managing SOPs, and monitoring equipment calibration, thus guaranteeing the production of reliable and high-quality results.

Learn more about Laboratory Information Management Systems.

An LIS is specifically developed for pathology labs. On the flip side, LIMS is designed more for commercial labs that test on fluids, food, and beverages or even pharmaceuticals where they run massive batch testing. While LIS and LIMS software shares some similarities, they also have several key differences. 

Learn more about the differences between LIS and LIMS here.

A laboratory information system works by automating and managing the flow of information within a pathology laboratory process. The laboratory information systems software monitors and manages workflow, ensuring that each step of the testing process is completed efficiently and accurately. Furthermore, it stores historical data for future reference and analysis, while ensuring compliance with various regulations and standards.

Learn more about how NovoPath 360 works here.

Yes! Laboratory information systems enhance lab efficiency by automating routine tasks, reducing manual data entry, and minimizing errors. It optimizes workflow management, ensures faster turnaround times for test results and improves overall laboratory productivity. Adopting LIS software into your lab benefits nearly all aspects of managing the lab. 

Most LIS solutions are cloud-based. This is because cloud-based lab software offers advantages such as easier access, scalability, and reduced need for in-house IT infrastructure.

Learn more about the benefits of cloud-based LIS software compared to on-prem software.

Most LIS platforms are user-friendly, featuring intuitive interfaces designed for ease of use by laboratory personnel. With NovoPath, you can expect a user-centric design that is easy to use. The system features an intuitive interface and and we provide comprehensive training and support, ensuring that lab personnel can effectively utilize its full range of features.

We also emphasize technical support and frequent updates to ensure all systems run smoothly.

Yes, most cloud-based lab management software is designed for easy integration with various healthcare systems and diagnostic tools. This ensures a smooth flow of information and enhances collaborative diagnostic processes.

Learn more about NovoPath’s interoperability capabilities here.

At NovoPath, we empower the world’s leading pathology labs including anatomic pathology, molecular pathology and veterinary pathology labs. 

Schedule a demo to see if we’re the right fit for your lab. 

When considering an LIS software vendor for your lab, evaluate how well the software integrates with your existing systems, its customization capabilities, scalability, and the level of support provided. You’ll want your LIS to run without friction, from implementation to daily use of the system. Learn more about choosing an LIS software provider here.

The cost of implementing lab management software depends on the type of lab and the requirements of the lab, as well as any extra configurations that may be needed. Check out to learn more about the expected costs of onboarding a laboratory information system.

At NovoPath, we provide a variety of insightful resources including webinars, demo videos, white papers and a glossary of lab terms. Our support staff is also ready to answer any questions you may have about our laboratory information system.

Feel free to contact us or start with a demo anytime.

Find Out More About NovoPath LIS

NovoPath LIS system is redefining laboratory information systems. Our SaaS-based platform enables anatomic and molecular pathology labs around the world to automate, track, simplify and complete complex cases from hemes to derm faster than ever before.

Why Choose Our Laboratory Information System

We are raising the bar with one-of-a-kind capabilities helping labs accession, diagnose and generate fully customizable reports faster. Our clients are increasing case reviews, reducing operating costs, and establishing customer loyalty. See how the labs of tomorrow are operating with NovoPath 360 laboratory information system platform.
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