NovoPath 360

NovoPath 360, is raising the bar for how diagnostic labs operate by relieving the unnecessary stressors labs experience with their laboratory information systems.

Designed as a single web-based platform packed with specialized workflows, tools, and seamless interoperability – you’ll find your lab accessioning, diagnosing, and releasing reports faster than ever.

Laboratory Information System


Redefining Laboratory Information Systems

We’re on a mission to redefine the way labs operate with leading-edge automation technology. That’s why we are ecstatic to release the most comprehensive SaaS LIS available.

With NovoPath 360, you can ensure you’re lab will be running like a well-oiled machine. Ensuring the right information goes to the right person at the right time. With a 360° view of your lab, never miss a beat. 

If you want to scale, no problem – with the NovoPath 360 platform you can easily add specialties as you grow.

Laboratory Information System


Case Management

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Automated Case Assigments

for Pathologist

99.95% Uptime


NovoPath 360 LIS Platform

Accession to Storage

Specimen Tracking

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360° View

Pre-defined & custom dashboards

100% Customizable


Powering 100s of Pathology Labs

Laboratory Information System

Optimizing workflows for
General Histology/Surgical  Cytology Dermatopathology Gastroenterology Urology Hematopathology Molecular FISH Flow Cytogenetics

  • Pathologists
  • IT
  • Operations
  • Lab Directors

Get More Work Done Faster

NovoPath 360 provides pathologists an easy-to-use LIS that is proven to get more done in fewer clicks.

Easily review specimen data, order new slides, collaborate on cases, and release reports in seconds.

It has never been easier to find, review, diagnose and release cases before. See why pathologists prefer the NovoPath 360 platform:

  • Easily attach images directly to a case
  • Collaborate with pathologists across the hall or in another state
  •  Save a case at any stage
  • Customize reports how you like them
  • Release cases in seconds
  • Pre-configured diagnostic codes and descriptions
  • Rich- text formatting
  • Quickly move from one screen to the next without having to wait

Reduce IT Complexity

Sleep easier at night knowing your LIS is fully powered by NovoPath 360.

Delivered as a SaaS model and backed by Microsoft, you'll never again experience unexpected downtimes. 

Security will always be a top priority for any CIO that is why we've designed our LIS platform to keep external hackers at bay but also maintain internal balance. 

  • Configurable security policies 
  • User-based profiles and settings
  • Complete audit trail
  • Two-factor authentication
  • SOC2 certified
  • SSO support
  • 2FA support

Ensure Fast and Accurate Results

NovoPath 360 ensures your clients are satisfied with fast and accurate results.

Our easy-to-use LIS empowers you to remain compliant, manage day-to-day production operations, monitor performance, and track results against targets.

Ensure your running a well-oiled lab with NovoPath 360.

  • Easily understand where any case is at any point of the process
  • Complete hassle-free audits
  • Identify bottlenecks faster
  • Automatically manage pathologist workflows

360° View of Your Lab

NovoPath 360 provides a comprehensive view of each case, stage, and operation. Easily and quickly track TATs, bottlenecks, workloads, errors, and every detail within the workflow to reduce errors and operational inefficiencies enabling you to grow in style.  

  • Pre-built dashboards and reports
  • Automatic case distribution
  • End-to-end specimen tracking from accession to storage
  • Ensure quality throughout all the aspects of the laboratory operation with barcoded labels for requisitions, slides, and cassettes
  • Automated stainer interfaces to help reduce redundancy


Give your team the tools to accurately diagnose cases faster.

Laboratory Information System

Discover what your lab is capable of with NovoPath 360

LIS Lab Information System
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Yes, there is a difference

Why SaaS is better than just Cloud-Based LIS

Cloud and SaaS are not uncommon software delivery models however the majority of pathology laboratory professionals are unaware of the actual differences between a cloud-hosted LIS versus a SaaS LIS. 


What Our Clients Say

“…NovoPath provides advanced electronic reporting options which we consider state-of-the-art for pathology applications.

In stark contrast to many third-party software vendors, NovoPath has so far delivered a superior product for a reasonable cost and they have exceeded our expectations with their excellent customer support.”

President and CEO
6,000-client Lab

LIS Anatomic Lab Information System

“NovoPath made our department much more efficient and our clinicians really like the way our reports are presented.

If the last five years are any indication, NovoPath is an excellent partner for success.”

Medical Director
Hospital-based Pathology Lab

“…using NovoPath has decreased my daily stress of running the office. Since we will be having a new employee coming aboard, it is a relief to know that we have software that is so user-friendly that training a new employee will be a breeze …

You guys are so super to work with. I personally appreciate how much you accommodate us.”

Practice Manager
Dermatopathology Practice

Frost & Sullivan Innovation LIS award

North American Best Practice Award For Enabling Technology Leadership


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NovoPath is redefining laboratory information systems. Our SaaS platform enables anatomic and clinical pathology labs around the world to automate, track, simplify and complete complex cases from hemes to derm faster than ever before.

We are raising the bar with one-of-a-kind capabilities helping labs accession, diagnose and generate fully customizable reports faster. Our clients are increasing case reviews, reducing operating costs, and establishing customer loyalty. See how the labs of tomorrow are operating. 

LIS Lab Information System