Anatomic Pathology

NovoPath AP is a comprehensive Anatomic Pathology software platform that covers all GYN Cytology, non-GYN Cytology, and Histology workflows. Notable subspecialties include dermatology, hematopathology, GI pathology, uropathology, and women's health testing.

How Can Anatomic Pathology Software Help Your Lab Run More Efficiently?

Anatomic pathology software is a revelation for laboratories, whether they’re in health care settings or stand-alone reference labs. Digital pathology solutions don’t just streamline workflows and reduce the risk of human error; they also have synoptic reporting functionality that provides valuable insights and data for researchers and innovators. Furthermore, by reducing turnaround times, your laboratory becomes a more attractive prospect to potential AP partners.

NovoPath’s laboratory information system covers gynecological cytology, non-GYN cytology, uropathology, gastrointestinal pathology, hematopathology and dermatopathology, in addition to histology workflows.

View Real-Time Statistics on Your Dashboard

The NovoPath dashboard provides a graphic view of every department in your lab. Decision-makers can manage workflows live or retroactively and view statistics about individuals or groups within the lab. We can tailor your software solution to your lab’s needs so you can improve quality and client satisfaction.

Increase Patient Safety

Patients’ discrete data is a precious commodity and one you need to protect at all costs. Our AP LIS lets you set listener preferences and manage users for security, as well as providing productivity and performance reports that can help you identify bottlenecks and address the causes for faster patient outcomes.

Streamline Pathology Laboratory Billing

Our software includes templates for billing and reimbursement, and you can use it to process payments, integrate claims and invoice patients and accounts receivable.

Manage Data From a Central Hub

Data exchange connections can get tricky and overcomplicated. Our AP LIS empowers you to easily move data between systems and manage and monitor all data exchange connections from a single place. Additionally, real-time alerts help you eliminate downtime by reacting immediately to service disruptions.

Optimize Workflows

Going paperless is just one of the ways NovoPath can help you optimize workflows. You can also identify all specimens instantly anytime, define and track activities and measure the duration and benchmark for each activity.

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Custom Configurations for Management Reports

Flexibility and scalability are essential in today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace. That’s why we go the extra mile and create a customized solution for your lab’s specific requirements — with your projections and plans for the future in mind.

NovoPath: Your Anatomic Pathology Lab Partner

At NovoPath, we understand what makes a laboratory efficient, scalable and successful. Our software solutions don’t simply increase efficiency by deploying automation; they generate insightful patient reports, facilitate workflow adjustments and drive innovation by letting you get on with urgent, specialized work.

Our laboratory information systems are designed to be customizable according to the unique needs of your lab. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you.

Features Overview

You are now free to work from anywhere. The Cloud solution lets you “plug and play” without worry. This option has two advantages: no upfront investment in hardware (you may already have all the hardware you need) and no IT-related tasks to contend with. Experience a highly efficient, affordable LIS from anywhere and on any device or platform.

Gives your clinicians instant access to their patient reports with a simple login. Today, many patients expect access to their electronic medical records, as well. With NovoPath™, you can choose to grant patients special access permissions to download or view their own individual reports. As you’d expect, every mouse click is carefully checked for compliance with HIPAA rules and security industry best practices.

Enables your lab to identify specimens locations at any given time. Manage your specimen storage and disposal right from your LIS. Add an additional layer of patient safety through the use of barcode technology when you require two patient identifiers. Finally provide your managers the means to measure benchmarks to identify bottlenecks and address inefficiencies.

Increases consistency, quality, and speed by using standard tumor reporting worksheets to remind you of important details. These worksheets typically follow the College of American Pathologists (CAP) tumor reporting protocols. With NovoPath™ , your lab has the flexibility to modify the CAP protocols to meet your needs. You may choose to adopt tumor reporting protocols in use at other prominent institutions or even make your own.

Captures all pathologists’ and staff schedules in one place, keeps track of desired workload for a given day, and automatically assigns cases to pathologists. Lab staff no longer need to spend hours managing availability, licensure, specialty, and many other conditions when assigning cases to pathologists.

Saves precious time entering case information by intelligently loading the diagnosis codes that are most appropriate to the case at hand. In addition, SDE assigns the correct CPT and ICD9 codes that match your case procedures and diagnoses. SDE helps you reduce billing variations that create unnecessary audit risks and keeps your focus on the situations that truly require your attention.

Enhance your Patient Reports. Clinicians today expect more than just a plain text report. Effortlessly supplement your diagnosis with self-explanatory, automatically annotated organ maps (samples above). You may also include images, graphs, or histograms based on clinical or other findings.

In addition to voice recognition, NovoPath™ empowers physicians and their assistants to dictate and assign their voice recordings automatically to the case at hand. These recordings then show up on transcribers’ pending work lists. With an integrated voice dictation system, users do not have to worry about keeping track of tapes and files or maintaining a separate ictation system resulting in labor, maintenance, and hardware cost savings.

Creates a custom list of reflex tests associated with certain procedures (e.g. HPV testing). Many labs must manually keep track of additional tests that need to be ordered based on the initial diagnosis (e.g. HPV or FISH tests). NovoPath™ eliminates the need for this manual tracking and reduces chances of error.
Empowers your lab to go truly paperless. All you need to do is place the NovoPath™-generated bar coded labels and a supported scanner. In a few moments, these now paperless documents become permanently available to those authorized to access them from within NovoPath™. BDS saves significant administrative time and storage costs while speeding up access to documents.

Ensures accuracy and helps your lab be more efficient. This means optimizing turnaround time of patient results as well as optimizing time-to-bill for rendered services. With this fully integrated module, you can cut out duplicate data handling, dramatically reduce the amount of time bills stay in accounts receivable, and improve both cash flow and the overall financial health of your laboratory.

Lets you track all your discrepancies from within your LIS while working on your cases. Multi-tier warning workflow to control the different discrepancies processes. With live worklist that allows your staff to resolve issue in a timely manner.

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