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NovoPath Laboratory Information System

How NovoPath Meets Unique Lab Needs

It can be challenging to work in a pathology lab. Common challenges include manual data entry mistakes, difficulty in specimen tracking, instrument integration issues, workflow bottlenecks, resource management inefficiencies, compliance and quality assurance concerns, communication gaps, technology integration challenges, and more.

However, with the right LIS software like NovoPath 360, these challenges can be mitigated while improving lab operations.

So, how does NovoPath overcome these challenges and meet unique lab needs?

Customizable Workflow Solutions by Novopath

NovoPath preconfigures lab workflows to streamline operations and maximize efficiency right out of the box. NovoPath recognizes that each lab is unique, so its workflows are adaptable to meet individual requirements. Whether you run a pathology lab, a research facility, or something in between, it comes with templates and configurations specific to industry standards and best practices. This means spending less time setting up and more time doing what you do best: providing precise diagnostics and results. NovoPath also offers extensive configuration options, allowing laboratories to establish and alter process phases, dependencies, and rules according to their needs and operational workflows. This comprises creating specimen accessions, allocating tests to equipment or individuals, specifying result interpretation criteria, and establishing alerts for significant or abnormal findings.

Prebuilt Templates and Customizable Settings

NovoPath offers a range of prebuilt templates and customizable settings that cater to each laboratory’s unique methods and guidelines. For example, laboratories can modify the default settings for specimen accessioning, such as barcode generating rules, specimen labeling requirements, and data entry fields. They can create default testing protocols for commonly used procedures, including testing methodology, result interpretation criteria, and reporting formats. NovoPath standardizes workflows, reduces human mistakes, and improves laboratory productivity by defining default settings based on laboratory practices. Labs may customize these parameters to match their procedures and preferences, guaranteeing consistent and dependable performance across all parts of their operations.

Powerful Data-Driven Worklists

Lastly, powerful data-driven worklists help direct different roles in the lab to the cases ready for them to work on. NovoPath has these worklists that function as personal assistants for everyone in the laboratory. Whether you’re a pathologist, a lab technician, or someone in between, these worklists are like your personalized to-do list. Real-time data and customizable criteria intelligently construct these worklists, assigning each lab team member to the most relevant activities at any given time. As new information becomes available, these data-driven worklists constantly update, assigning the most up-to-date and relevant duties to each lab team member.

The NovoPath Advantage in Pathology Laboratory Management

NovoPath isn’t your typical laboratory information system. Whether you’re dealing with complicated workflows, antiquated systems, or just trying to improve efficiency, NovoPath has you covered and is customizable to your unique lab needs. NovoPath 360 caters to your lab’s peculiarities, providing customized templates, adjustable settings, and data-driven tools to improve lab operations and efficiencies.

If you’re ready to learn more about NovoPath’s capabilities, start with a demo today.

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