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NovoPath Laboratory Information System

How NovoPath’s LIS Improves Specimen Tracking

Numerous challenges often prevent proper specimen tracking, leading to inefficiency and mistakes. Due to human error, manual tracking methods can result in wrongly placed samples or incorrect labels. Furthermore, paper-based systems may be problematic for maintenance and lack real-time visibility.

As a result, these factors compromise test results’ reliability and slow workflow efficiency in labs. This is where NovoPath’s laboratory information system can ensure meticulous tracking of each sample, from collection to final analysis. When you choose NovoPath for your lab, you choose better specimen tracking and diagnostics.

Manual Data Entry is Reduced

Rather than manually typing findings from instruments or paper records into a database by laboratory staff members, NovoPath 360 interacts with laboratory equipment to automatically capture and record such information. This lowers the risk of human error, thus saving time and improving information management processes.

Gain Visibility Into Physical Custody

By enabling real-time tracking and monitoring of specimens during their trip in the laboratory, the LIS can use barcode or RFID technology to properly track the flow of specimens from collection to processing and storage. This provides openness and accountability in specimen handling, minimizes the likelihood of mistakes or loss, and improves overall laboratory efficiency and compliance.

Location of The Specimen

NovoPath’s LIS provides unique item identification, allowing real-time tracking of their whereabouts inside the laboratory. This allows lab staff to locate materials quickly, saving search time and lowering the chance of misplacement. It frequently integrates with inventory management systems, resulting in a centralized database where the location of items can be quickly accessed and changed. Thus, it streamlines material tracking processes, increases efficiency, and lowers laboratory mistakes.

Get Insights Into Process Bottlenecks

By capturing data such as specimen arrival times, processing durations, and result reporting times, LIS helps pinpoint locations where delays occur or resources are overused. LIS, through its data visualization tools and reporting capabilities, enables laboratories to recognize constraints that curtail their overall efficiency, leading to targeted adjustments to procedures. A data-driven strategy optimizes workflow management and productivity, hence having a significant effect on lab efficiency.

Turnaround Time (TAT)

NovoPath 360 frees up laboratory staff to focus on other essential responsibilities by automating data input, result reporting, and workflow management. Furthermore, the LIS enables real-time tracking of specimens and processes, allowing for the speedier identification of bottlenecks and improvement possibilities. Through analytics and reporting tools, LIS delivers insights into TAT data, allowing laboratories to monitor performance and execute improvement measures.

Laboratory information systems additionally enhance dialogue, boosting teamwork within healthcare facilities. LIS allows for safe access to specimen data and test results, facilitating information exchange among laboratories, healthcare professionals, and patients. This ensures continuity in treatment and gives healthcare providers vital diagnostic tools based on accurate and timely data.

Improve Your Lab’s Specimen Tracking

NovoPath is a transformative force in laboratory environments, dramatically enhancing specimen monitoring through technology integration. This innovation eliminates common issues such as mislabeling and excessive paperwork, thereby streamlining lab operations. Each sample is handled with precision, simplifying processes and ensuring accuracy in laboratory work.

To learn more about NovoPath’s specimen tracking capabilities, start with a demo of the software.

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