NovoPath About Us

NovoPath is a leading U.S.-based Lab Information Systems (LIS) company with over 25 years of experience serving the Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Molecular and Genetic Testing, and Clinical Trials markets. NovoPath's clients include national and regional reference labs, university and teaching hospitals, regional and community hospitals, and specialty labs. NovoPath's mission is to provide unique and unparalleled solutions and services to all aspects of the Diagnostic Laboratory sector in a way that improves workflow, reduces the probability of human error, ensures results accuracy for greater patient safety, protects patient confidentiality, and above all, produces more precise and informative diagnostic outcomes.

NovoPath Philosophy & Mission

We believe in applying technology towards human good and well-being.

We believe our success can only be measured by our clients’ success.

We believe that our clients are the true drivers of what we do.

We believe it’s possible to find elegant, insightful, and cost-saving solutions to most problems we encounter.

Improve medical specimen handling and delivery.

Streamline redundant processes to reduce human error.

Ensure results accuracy and patient safety.

Protect patient confidentiality.