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Simplify data monitoring and management by using a single cloud-based platform for all your data connections: instruments, electronic medical records (EMRs), registries and more.

Experience efficiency and savings

Manage all your connections in the cloud

NovoPath DXE is a powerful — and cost-effective — tool for managing all your connectivity needs.

Move your data between different systems with ease

Simplify data monitoring and management by using a single cloud-based platform for all your data connections: instruments, electronic medical records (EMRs), registries and more. NovoPath DXE includes simple, intuitive data manipulation tools and real-time alerts to proactively address service interruptions and keep your operations running smoothly. If you’re using digital pathology software, NovoPath DXE can even help you keep track of your digital slides, increasing efficiency and enhancing collaboration no matter where you are.

Managed services make it simple

Our dedicated implementation team can quickly set up your lab on our cloud-based platform — and keep you running smoothly with managed connections and single-source escalation. And our no-hassle DXE connector provides secure connectors without the need to set up VPN. With our managed services, you can rest easy knowing increased efficiency isn’t coming at the expense of patient safety or confidentiality. NovoPath DXE complies with all relevant privacy laws, enabling you to create your own health data exchange without putting patient data at risk.

Enhance your outreach

NovoPath DXE offers fast plug-and-play integrations for your convenience. With more than 150 existing EMR and electronic health record (EHR) integrations, NovoPath DXE saves you time and money by making it easy to onboard new EMRs while minimizing overhead. Our platform also supports vendor-to-vendor relationships that can help speed billing and other information exchange processes. As a result, you spend less time managing health care data and more time helping your clients get the answers they need about their specimens.

Cut costs

With our cloud-based platform and managed services, you spend less on information technology (IT) and lab resources to manage all your connections. Plus, our attractive fee schedule means that when you use NovoPath DXE with your NovoPath AP LIS or other system, you enjoy a higher return on your investment. With ongoing support from NovoPath, there’s no need to wonder if everything’s running smoothly. NovoPath offers a smooth implementation process followed by ongoing support from a trusted team of experts.

Enjoy the many benefits of a healthcare data exchange:

Our data exchange software helps you manage multiple connections:

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Managed services

  • With our cloud-based solutions, you have access to health care data exchange capabilities from anywhere in the world.
  • NovoPath Connection Management eliminates the need for IT to set up VPNs, keeping your data secure without increasing your IT costs.
  • Stable connections remove your dependency on third-party VPN services.
  • Single-source escalation saves you time and effort; NovoPath manages all interfaces, streamlining your workflow and giving you more flexibility.

Better outreach

  • Fast plug-and-play integrations speed up the implementation process.
  • Quick EMR onboarding makes it easy to engage in data sharing with multiple providers.
  • NovoPath DXE works seamlessly with multiple electronic health record vendors for maximum interoperability.
  • Simplified configurations reduce stress for your lab team.
  • Dedicated DXE implementation resources get you up and running quickly.


  • One-time fee for new electronic medical records
  • Reduced costs for new connections
  • Platform supports profitable business growth

Make your lab stand out

Enhance your lab’s reputation by making it as easy as possible for new providers to add their EMR systems to your health care data exchange. NovoPath DXE features NovoOutreach, which enables providers to onboard quickly without putting your data at risk and ensuring you can collaborate with clinicians without compromising patient confidentiality.

NovoOutreach integrates easily with existing information systems, including NovoPath Anatomic Pathology, to save you time and eliminate frustration. An HL7 interface engine supports thousands of simultaneous connections, ensuring you can accommodate as many new providers as possible. NovoOutreach also integrates with your existing website, creating an online portal where providers can view results and enter new orders. The end result is a health care data exchange that saves time, increases efficiency and makes your lab more effective at meeting the needs of providers.

NovoOutreach offers these additional health data exchange benefits:

  • Advanced security measures exceed the current HIPAA requirements and keep detailed records of every attempt to access data, protecting each patient’s right to privacy.
  • To meet a wide range of client needs, NovoOutreach can be customized easily, extending its capabilities.
  • Built-in notifications speed up the delivery of results, leading to improved client satisfaction.
  • NovoOutreach has a robust instrumentation panel, making it easier to monitor connections with existing clients.

Your partner for success

NovoPath has a team of experts ready to help you set up your health care data exchange in as little time as possible, making it easy for your lab to take advantage of all the benefits of data exchange software. NovoPath has more than 25 years of experience implementing LIS modules and providing ongoing support, so you can rest easy knowing we’re handling all your data exchange needs in a way that complies with relevant data security regulations and enhances your reputation.

Whether you already have multiple NovoPath modules or you’re just getting started with digital pathology, we’re available to assess your needs and recommend scalable solutions that grow with your lab.

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