Molecular Pathology

As precision medicine plays an increasingly important role in health care, NovoPath's sophisticated LIS platform supports you with an integrated module for molecular and genetic testing and reporting.

Targeting the future

An integrated module for molecular pathology

Can you offer advanced genetics and biopsy tests in a single report?

NovoPath’s molecular pathology software is a cost-effective way to meet the specialized requirements of your cytogenetics department. It empowers you to increase efficiency, reduce the chance of errors and improve turnaround times. The molecular pathology module also features electronic wetlab data capture with culture defaults for standard media volumes, harvest intervals and expected slide counts, saving time by reducing the amount of manual data entry required in your pathology department. NovoPath’s molecular pathology software speeds up results entry by giving you the ability to filter diagnoses and result interpretations for specific tests. You can even automatically import fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and karyotype images to eliminate manual steps and take advantage of flexible setup options for karyotype and FISH analysis and result testing.

Get a complete solution.

Our module offers everything you need to streamline your cytogenetics workflow by integrating it with your NovoPath AP LIS or other system, including instrument interfaces, genomic test panel reporting, batch processing and release, reflex testing and more. Comprehensive reporting options include the ability to generate individual test reports or a comprehensive report. You can also custom-design results and images to deliver elegant patient reports that set your lab apart from the competition.

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We have the workflow solutions you need to take your lab to the next level
  • Manage high test volumes with batch processing capabilities.
  • Automate your laboratory workflow and make better diagnoses with reflex testing capabilities.
  • Reduce turnaround times with intuitive instrument interfaces and automated workflows.
  • Reduce manual data entry with instrument and analysis software interfaces.
  • Set your lab apart from the competition with elegant, easy-to-read patient reports.
  • Generate cytogenetic results at a glance.
  • Streamline and automate your cytogenetics billing activities.
  • Combine karyotype imaging with FISH test results to produce comprehensive reports.
  • Report susceptibility testing and other drug study results quickly and elegantly.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce turnaround times with batch processing.
  • Produce elegant pharmacogenomics reports to make your lab stand out from the rest.
  • Import just the right information for your reports with sequencing instrument and software interfaces.
  • Enhance your lab’s reputation by using custom-formatted NextGen Sequencing reports to easily add these tests to your offerings.
  • Enhance lab efficiency with a completely integrated system.
  • Reduce turnaround times with batch results.
  • Get up and running right away with plug-and-play instrument interfacing.
  • Deliver exactly the information you — and your doctors — need with customizable reports.
  • Access trusted support from an experienced partner that’s committed to your success, ensuring a smooth implementation process and the availability of ongoing support.
  • Avoid the hassle of buying new software or downloading updates that take hours to install; our cloud-based molecular pathology software grows with your pathology department and ensures you always have access to the latest features.
  • Report multiple tests as part of one accession and combine them into one comprehensive report with integrated reporting capabilities.

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Expand your precision medicine capabilities with confidence

Save time and slash costs, all without sacrificing quality
Accurate molecular pathology lab results in less time

NovoPath’s laboratory information management system automates some of your most time-consuming laboratory processes, increasing efficiency and helping you make better diagnoses at the same time. The NovoPath platform has several features for automating your laboratory workflow, leaving your staff with more time to perform essential tasks.

Batch document scanning

Handling paper takes up time that could be better spent on other activities. Batch document scanning makes it possible to turn stacks of paperwork into digital files, saving time and making it easier to access requisitions, referrals and other documents.

Remote access

With our cloud-based laboratory information management system, you're not limited to working in your office. NovoPath offers remote access, giving you the option of working from home, reviewing reports while you're attending a conference or checking results from a local hospital.

Web reporting capabilities

With NovoPath, there's no need to fax or mail results to clinicians when you can give them instant access to their reports. NovoPath's LIS also gives you the option of allowing patients to download their own documents. The platform complies with all HIPAA requirements, enabling you to better serve patients while also protecting their privacy.

Automatic reflex testing

Our automatic reflex testing eliminates the need to manually add on tests based on your initial diagnosis, reducing the risk of errors.

Make your lab stand out from the crowd
Elegant patient reports in just a few keystrokes

Our molecular pathology software, like all components of our laboratory information system, produces elegant reports with plenty of detail. Distinguish your lab from its competitors by offering custom reports to your clients — simple reports for doctors who prefer something compact and detailed reports for clinicians who expect additional information to guide their clinical judgment. NovoPath’s molecular pathology module makes it easy to add microscopic or gross images, annotated organ maps, histograms, tables or additional reference information.

Why NovoPath?

A trusted name in molecular pathology software

NovoPath is a molecular pathology software company with more than 25 years of experience serving labs in the anatomic pathology, clinical and molecular pathology, genetic testing and clinical trials marketplaces. With more than two decades in the industry, NovoPath has the expertise needed to help labs increase efficiency, prevent errors and produce detailed reports for doctors and patients. Whether you’re looking for solutions related to accessioning, automation, image analysis or instrumentation, our cloud-based platform can help your lab stand out from the rest. NovoPath is proud to serve regional and national reference laboratories, university and teaching hospitals, community hospitals, regional hospitals and specialty labs.

At NovoPath, our mission is clear: We aim to improve the handling and delivery of medical specimens, protect patient safety and confidentiality, ensure the accuracy of lab results and reduce human error by streamlining cumbersome manual processes.

Features Overview

You are now free to work from anywhere. The Cloud solution lets you “plug and play” without worry. This option has two advantages: no upfront investment in hardware (you may already have all the hardware you need) and no IT-related tasks to contend with. Experience a highly efficient, affordable LIS from anywhere and on any device or platform.

Gives your clinicians instant access to their patient reports with a simple login. Today, many patients expect access to their electronic medical records, as well. With NovoPath™, you can choose to grant patients special access permissions to download or view their own individual reports. As you’d expect, every mouse click is carefully checked for compliance with HIPAA rules and security industry best practices.

Enables your lab to identify specimens locations at any given time. Manage your specimen storage and disposal right from your LIS. Add an additional layer of patient safety through the use of barcode technology when you require two patient identifiers. Finally provide your managers the means to measure benchmarks to identify bottlenecks and address inefficiencies.

Increases consistency, quality, and speed by using standard tumor reporting worksheets to remind you of important details. These worksheets typically follow the College of American Pathologists (CAP) tumor reporting protocols. With NovoPath™ , your lab has the flexibility to modify the CAP protocols to meet your needs. You may choose to adopt tumor reporting protocols in use at other prominent institutions or even make your own.

Captures all pathologists’ and staff schedules in one place, keeps track of desired workload for a given day, and automatically assigns cases to pathologists. Lab staff no longer need to spend hours managing availability, licensure, specialty, and many other conditions when assigning cases to pathologists.

Saves precious time entering case information by intelligently loading the diagnosis codes that are most appropriate to the case at hand. In addition, SDE assigns the correct CPT and ICD9 codes that match your case procedures and diagnoses. SDE helps you reduce billing variations that create unnecessary audit risks and keeps your focus on the situations that truly require your attention.

Enhance your Patient Reports. Clinicians today expect more than just a plain text report. Effortlessly supplement your diagnosis with self-explanatory, automatically annotated organ maps (samples above). You may also include images, graphs, or histograms based on clinical or other findings.

In addition to voice recognition, NovoPath™ empowers physicians and their assistants to dictate and assign their voice recordings automatically to the case at hand. These recordings then show up on transcribers’ pending work lists. With an integrated voice dictation system, users do not have to worry about keeping track of tapes and files or maintaining a separate ictation system resulting in labor, maintenance, and hardware cost savings.

Creates a custom list of reflex tests associated with certain procedures (e.g. HPV testing). Many labs must manually keep track of additional tests that need to be ordered based on the initial diagnosis (e.g. HPV or FISH tests). NovoPath™ eliminates the need for this manual tracking and reduces chances of error.
Empowers your lab to go truly paperless. All you need to do is place the NovoPath™-generated bar coded labels and a supported scanner. In a few moments, these now paperless documents become permanently available to those authorized to access them from within NovoPath™. BDS saves significant administrative time and storage costs while speeding up access to documents.

Ensures accuracy and helps your lab be more efficient. This means optimizing turnaround time of patient results as well as optimizing time-to-bill for rendered services. With this fully integrated module, you can cut out duplicate data handling, dramatically reduce the amount of time bills stay in accounts receivable, and improve both cash flow and the overall financial health of your laboratory.

Lets you track all your discrepancies from within your LIS while working on your cases. Multi-tier warning workflow to control the different discrepancies processes. With live worklist that allows your staff to resolve issue in a timely manner.

Expand your precision medicine capabilities with confidence.

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