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Molecular Pathology Laboratory Information Systems

A molecular LIS (laboratory information system) designed for the unique needs of molecular diagnostics.

Molecular Pathology LIS Software


Our Molecular LIS Streamlines the Complexities of Molecular and Genetic Testing

Are you able to offer advanced genetics and biopsy tests in a single report? Now you can! With NovoPath’s molecular pathology laboratory information systems, we’re empowering labs with end-to-end solutions to meet the specialized requirements of cytogenetics departments.    

Powered by NovoPath 360 LIS and DXE interoperability platforms, labs are not only shaving time off their workflows but becoming empowered to increase efficiency, reduce errors and improve overall turnaround times. Easily generate individual test reports or comprehensive reports including custom-design results and images to deliver elegant patient reports that set your lab apart from the competition.

Obtain everything you need to streamline your cytogenetics workflow using our molecular laboratory information systems software and obtain seamless interoperability including instrument interfaces, genomic test panel reporting, batch processing and release, reflex testing, and more.



Scalable Molecular Pathology Workflow Solutions

Flow Cytometry






Batch Document Scanning

Web - Based Platform

Web Reporting

Automatic Reflex Testing

Elegent Reports

Powered by NovoPath 360 Platform

Obtain Accurate Results in Less Time

NovoPath 360 LIS platform is comprised of superior capabilities allowing labs to customize and create LIS solutions that fit the specialized needs of molecular and genetic testing.

molecular pathology software

Electronic Wet Lab Data Capture

Easily Filter Diagnoses

Batch Processing and Release

Plug-and-Play Instrument Interfacing

Seamless Interoperability

Eliminate Rework - Capture Accurate Client Data at Order Entry

Learn more about the NovoPath and FrontRunner integration. 



Pre-Analytical - Testing - Data Management - Diagnostic Work

Work Anywhere

You are now free to work from anywhere. Our molecular pathology LIS solutions are “plug and play”.

Meaning,  no upfront hardware investment and no IT-related tasks to contend with. Experience a highly efficient, affordable LIS from anywhere and on any device or platform.

Go Paperless

Batch document scanning empowers a paperless lab. In seconds, capture data and make it available to those authorized to access it on a single platform NovoPath 360.

Imagine the administrative time and storage costs you can save while speeding up access to documents.

Instant Access

Gives your clinicians and patients instant access to their patient reports with a simple login.

With NovoPath 360, you can choose to grant patients special access permissions to download or view their own individual reports. As you’d expect, every mouse click is carefully checked for compliance with HIPAA rules and security industry best practices.

Save Time & Costs

Enable your lab to identify the location of any specimen at any point in your process. 

Easily manage specimen storage and disposal right from your molecular LIS. Add an additional layer of patient safety through the use of barcode technology when you require two patient identifiers. Finally, provide your managers the means to measure benchmarks to identify bottlenecks and address inefficiencies.


Reduce Confusion and Save Time

NovoPath 360 Molecular Solution captures all pathologists’ and staff schedules in one place.  Keeps track of the desired workload for a given day, and automatically assigns cases to pathologists.

Stop spending hours managing availability, licensure, specialty, and many other conditions when assigning cases to pathologists.

Save Time and Effort

In addition to voice recognition, NovoPath empowers physicians and their assistants to dictate and assign their voice recordings automatically to the case at hand.


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A Trusted Name in Molecular Pathology Laboratory Information Systems

25+ years enabling anatomic, clinical, and molecular pathology labs with genetic testing and clinical trials marketplaces.

We're on a mission to redefine the way labs operate with leading-edge automation technology. 

Offered as a true SaaS solution,  you'll never have unexpected downtime, enhance security backed by Microsoft, and reduce overall stress.

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NovoPath has been providing innovative molecular pathology laboratory information system solutions to the diagnostic laboratory sector for over 25 years, and we understand how crucial it is to improve workflows, protect patient confidentiality, and produce more precise diagnostic outcomes faster. Find out how our LIS software can work for you.

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