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South Bend Medical Foundation Selects NovoPath 360 LIS to Improve Lab Efficiencies


South Bend Medical Foundation (South Bend) is a pillar in the Indiana healthcare community by maintaining a reputation for delivering quality pathology and blood bank services. The team at South Bend strives to deliver consistent and reliable outcomes to remain a leading diagnostic laboratory.

Established in 1912, South Bend serves hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, physicians, and healthcare providers as an anatomic pathology reference laboratory and blood bank.

Being proactive, South Bend partnered with NovoPath to help improve lab efficiencies and workflows. Leveraging NovoPath’s cloud-based LIS, NovoPath 360, South Bend is looking forward to capitalizing on its capabilities and best practices; advanced integrated reporting, data mining, image capture, electronic release, and more.

Cloud Computing

Built as a web application, NovoPath 360 enables South Bend to work from anywhere – without the need for a VPN, additional hardware, and most importantly, without losing any information.

As NovoPath 360 is hosted on Microsoft servers, South Bend will not have to worry about unexpected downtimes and knows security is a top priority for the whole team.

Secure Web Reporting

South Bend is looking forward to taking full advantage of NovoPath 360’s secure reporting capabilities. Meaning clinicians will soon be able to easily access patient reports from a simple portal. The portal is HIPAA compliant and adheres to South Bend’s security best practices.

Automated Reflex Testing

Reflex testing is a cascading diagnostic approach when a positive result triggers the need for another test. South Bend will be using NovoPath 360 to automatically keep track of the additional tests.

Following an initial diagnosis, NovoPath 360 will create a custom list of associated procedures such as HPV or tumor biomarker testing. This capability will reduce the possibility of errors and free up time that was spent manually completing these steps.

Detailed Organ Maps, Graphs, and Images

NovoPath 360 will empower South Bend patient reports to include enhanced annotated organ maps, images, graphs, or histograms based on findings.

In addition, patient reports will be provided in easy-to-read formats for physicians and will combine all diagnoses into one report.

Specimen Tracking 

NovoPath 360 lean processing capabilities will enable South Bend to identify a specimen’s location at any given point in the process. From intake to storage, NovoPath 360 will ensure accurate patient and specimen identification.

Expected Benefits

By partnering with NovoPath, South Bend will work together to develop workflows that target and eliminate inefficient or unnecessary steps, improve turnaround times, and reduce human errors. In addition, South Bend has positioned itself to attract more potential customers by leveraging the latest in LIS technologies.

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