About Us

At NovoPath, our Philosophy and Mission are more than just company statements— they guide us through every endeavor.

The NovoPath Philosophy:

  • We believe in applying technology towards human good and well-being.
  • We believe it’s possible to find elegant, insightful, and cost-saving solutions to most problems we encounter.
  • We believe that our clients are the true drivers of what we do.
  • We believe our success can only be measured by our clients’ success

The NovoPath Mission:

To research, develop, and implement new solutions that:

  • Improve medical specimen handling and delivery
  • Streamline redundant processes to reduce human error
  • Ensure results accuracy and patient safety
  • Protect patient confidentiality
About NovoPath

301 N. Harrison St., Suite 384
Princeton NJ, 08540

Phone: 732.329.3209
Fax: 732.329.2420