Professional Services

We focus on providing professional services for health care, and quality assurance labs. We utilize our expertise in this marketplace to understand our clients' challenges and to come up with effective solutions that reduce overhead and improve quality.


We supplement our product offerings by giving our clients the highest value possible from their technology investments.

These services include product customization, project management, interface developement, data migration, training, and any other software enhancements that may be required to maximize the value of our products at our clients.

Training & e-Learning

Training is the key component to making sure that your staff is most productive in doing their tasks. Sometimes saving a few keystrokes per patient can mean the difference between a busy day and a not-so-busy day.

That's why we encourage our clients to take advantage of our training services, our online forum, and our webinars to increase awareness of advanced techniques that can make your lab more efficient. Some of these services are available to you as part of your service agreement. Others are offered at an additional cost. In any event, your satisfaction with the outcome of our training is most important; what use is training if you don't learn new things?

NovoPath Servcies