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NovoPath Laboratory Information System

5 Reasons to Integrate NovoPath LIS in Your Lab

Laboratory information systems (LIS) are integral to healthcare facilities worldwide. A LIS is a software tool designed to manage and process data related to laboratory operations, including specimen tracking, data analysis and diagnostic outcomes. With the increasing complexity of laboratory workflows, a LIS like NovoPath is essential to obtain efficiency, increase accuracy, and ensure quality to laboratory operations.

Below are five reasons to consider NovoPath’s LIS software for your lab. These reasons are based on the expertise of laboratory administrators, IT professionals and the results of studies that have shown the benefits of implementing a lab information system.

1) Improved Lab Efficiency

NovoPath’s Laboratory Information System (LIS) Software offers an integrated solution that automates multiple laboratory processes, including result recording and specimen tracking. By consolidating these tasks into a unified system, NovoPath enables streamlined operations while minimizing errors and enhancing accuracy. The software achieves this by standardizing procedures, validating data, conducting quality control checks, and issuing alerts for abnormal results.

Furthermore, NovoPath’s LIS software automation extends to sample tracking and result recording, ensuring data integrity and facilitating real-time data retrieval. This eliminates the potential risks associated with manual data entry, reducing the likelihood of errors.

2) Enhanced Data Management

NovoPath automates workflows and simplifies data organization, allowing labs to manage and store data much more effectively. This leads to improved data quality, accuracy in analytics, and streamlined lab processes. Our LIS software enables laboratories to access data quickly, providing more comprehensive and timely information for data-driven decisions. It also allows remote access by research teams, making it more accessible for all individuals involved.

3) Compliance with Regulations

NovoPath’s LIS software goes beyond its automation capabilities and extends support to help laboratories meet regulatory requirements, particularly concerning data security and privacy. The LIS software incorporates essential features like user authentication, access controls, and audit trails, providing lab administrators with confidence in maintaining robust security measures and safeguarding privacy.

In addition, the LIS software assists in achieving compliance with industry standards and guidelines, including the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). It offers functionalities such as CAP checklists,  test order tracking, results reporting, and quality control monitoring, ensuring adherence to CLIA requirements and facilitating smooth compliance processes.

4) Cost Savings

Implementing NovoPath’s LIS can help reduce errors that can occur when manual processes are used, which can result in additional costs, such as retesting or incorrect treatment decisions. Moreover, it can improve overall efficiency in a lab by streamlining various processes, enabling better communication between lab staff, and facilitating the sharing of information between different labs and pathologists. This can help reduce the time required to process samples and provide test results, which can lead to faster testing and research results.

Additionally, our solution is hosted in the cloud, allowing you to save on maintenance costs and ongoing support from IT staff.

5) Customizable Solutions

The team here at is dedicated to delivering a tailored solution that caters to the distinct requirements of your laboratory. NovoPath’s LIS software provides a wide array of features and functionalities that align precisely with your lab’s specific needs. This includes seamless interfacing with various lab instruments, flexible result reporting formats, and effortless integration with other Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) or systems you may be using.

By customizing our LIS solution to your lab, we ensure that it seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow. This integration enhances lab management, streamlines operations, and improves overall efficiency within your lab environment. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and tailored solution that optimizes your lab’s performance.

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Lab administrators and IT professionals should consider consider the benefits of implementing a laboratory information system software like NovoPath. The implementation of a LIS can be a strategic decision to optimize lab operations and enhance overall lab performance.

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