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NovoPath Laboratory Information System


51 Benefits of NovoPath 360 Laboratory Information System (LIS)

During our 25+ years in business, NovoPath has developed a reputation for excellence. Hundreds of clients use our laboratory information system, NovoPath 360, and connectivity solutions to keep their labs running like oiled machines.

What makes NovoPath different from other LIS providers is our commitment to our core values. At NovoPath, we recognize that every action impacts a precious life, so we’re always looking to innovate solutions that make it possible for patients to get faster, more accurate results.

NovoPath is known for taking initiative, working proactively, driving innovation, creative problem-solving, and engaging in continuous improvement. We work tirelessly to make sure every solution contributes to increased patient outcomes while keeping pace with the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Anatomic Pathology KPIs

NovoPath 360, A Robust Laboratory Information System

NovoPath has taken laboratory information systems to a new level with NovoPath 360, the most comprehensive LIS platform available.

We are giving labs a complete view of their operations while streamlining workflows to automate, track, simplify, scale, and complete cases faster than ever before. NovoPath 360 has the capabilities and tools needed to produce accurate results faster. From heme to derm testing, we’re empowering labs to increase caseloads, reduced operating costs, and establish customer loyalty. NovoPath 360 supports all anatomic, molecular, and clinical workflows.

Benefits of Laboratory Information System (LIS)

51 benefits of implementing NovoPath 360, a leading-edge LIS software system:

  1. Enable precision medicine. Give physicians a more in-depth understanding of a patient’s diagnosis and treatment therapy.
  2. Reduce paperwork. Stop shuffling papers and worse yet, losing them in the lab.
  3. Better evaluation of data. Obtain data in real-time, when you need it, and not months later or worse wait on your LIS vendor to create a report for you.
  4. Faster communication between the lab, provider, and patient.
  5. Reduce input errors from the ordering physician.
  6. Improve the quality of samples coming into the lab.
  7. Obtain faster reimbursements, which equals more money in the bank.
  8. Attract new clients and grow organically.
  9. Reduce overall turnaround times.
  10. Reduce processing times per workstation.
  11. Reduce overall operating costs.
  12. Obtain lab/workflow transparency.
  13. Understand where bottlenecks exist within the lab.
  14. Reduce strain and stress on your employees.
  15. Never lose a specimen again.
  16. Obtain operation efficiency.
  17. Eliminate manual efforts like report consolidation or creating addendums.
  18. Make it easier for CAP and CLIA audits.
  19. Foster collaboration among your pathologists.
  20. Enhanced security following SOC2 and HIPPA regulations.
  21. Create happier clients with personalized results reporting to their specs.
  22. Reduce downtimes with instant ad-hoc scalability.
  23. Advanced admin controls and capabilities to give the control back into the hands of the lab.
  24. Reduce IT complexity by supporting all diagnostic tests.
  25. Never be left without support with NovoPath 360, 24×7 support.
  26. Eliminate unnecessary spending with inventory monitoring.
  27. Remove duplicate and manual efforts from your workflow.
  28. Onboard new employees faster.
  29. Increase capacity and case volumes.
  30. Enable better quality assurance.
  31. Enable real-time data to accurately forecast for better business decisions.
  32. Reduce overall errors.
  33. Ability to track and analyze trends.
  34. Mine data whenever you feel like it.
  35. Increase overall employee morale.
  36. Reduce the clicks your pathologists have to make.
  37. Obtain more of a competitive advantage by expanding your offerings on a single platform.
  38. Complete security backed by one of the biggest cloud providers, Azure.
  39. Refocus your techs on tasks that require human interaction.
  40. Ensure all pathologists get assisted with the intended amount of work regardless of case complexity.
  41. Ease in a new employee with a lighter load, or help techs manage to screen and review cases without exceeding their slide limit.
  42. Allow pathologists to conduct tumor boards without being limited by geography.
  43. Attract top talent to work at your lab.
  44. Reap the benefits of SNOMED coding without the hassles of navigating complex codes.
  45. Identify and fix discrepancies without the need to search for them.
  46. Release cases in seconds – seriously, seconds!
  47. Reduce redundancy with automated stainer interfaces.
  48. Never miss a reimbursement as connectivity to RCM and other systems is monitored in real-time.
  49. Instill clear timelines and deliverables with physicians.
  50. Eliminates unnecessary workflow steps, making your workforce faster and more efficient.
  51. Quick accessibility and security with role-based interfaces and controlled access.

How Does LIS Software Work for Improved Lab Efficiency?

Automating routine aspects of the laboratory workload streamlines the overall operations of the lab. Your lab can complete more cases, as the workflow is focused more on accommodating lab techs and pathologists rather than the cumbersome paperwork. Laboratories can save money on automating data entry, and reduce overhead while ensuring accuracy and security.

What Makes NovoPath the Best Choice for Your Lab’s LIS?

NovoPath is used in various laboratory settings across the country, primarily focusing on anatomic and molecular testing. Our LIS is user-intuitive and integrates with any EHR software.

Automating the workflow of your lab improves efficiency and saves money. Many manual procedures can be replaced by electronic ones, and labs can accommodate more patients with faster turnaround times.

Can your facility benefit from a robust intuitive laboratory information system?

Get started today with a demo of NovoPath.

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