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NovoPath Laboratory Information System

How Laboratory Information Software Enhances Data Accuracy and Integrity

Since the dependability and validity of scientific findings depend on the precision and integrity of the data collected in the lab, these two factors are of the utmost importance. Wrong diagnoses, faulty research, and poor medical care are all possible outcomes of data that is inaccurate or tainted.

Through the elimination of human error and the mechanization of numerous laboratory procedures, laboratory information software plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability of collected data. The streamlined data input, sample tracking, and report generation of a LIS make it possible to record data more accurately and with fewer transcription errors.

LIS Software

This type of software also helps with real-time data validation, which can detect discrepancies or anomalies and alert users so they can take corrective measures in a timely manner. Also, a LIS keeps detailed audit trails, recording who did what to the data and when, which improves data quality by leaving no stone unturned in terms of accountability and transparency.

Key Features and Functionalities of a LIS

Key features and functionalities of LIS can vary depending on the specific software provider and the needs of the laboratory. However, some common features and functionalities of LIS include:

Sample and Workflow Management

LIS allows laboratories to track and manage samples throughout the testing process, from sample collection to specimen storage.. It provides functionalities for barcode scanning, sample identification, and automated routing of samples to appropriate locations and pathologists.

Quality Control and Assurance

A LIS enables the monitoring of instrument performance, tracks calibration and maintenance schedules, and generates quality control reports for preventative maintenance.

Interoperability and Integration

LIS facilitates seamless integration with other laboratory instruments and systems, such as analyzers, scanners, electronic health record (EHR) systems, etc. This enables the transfer of data between different platforms, reducing manual data entry and the risk of transcription errors.

Decision Support

Some LIS solutions offer decision support tools, such as clinical decision rules and alerts, to aid in the interpretation of test results and assist in making informed decisions.

The implementation of LIS can benefit various types of laboratories, including:

  • Research laboratories
  • Public health laboratories
  • Environmental and industrial laboratories

Enhancing Data Accuracy with NovoPath 360

Using NovoPath 360, laboratories can significantly enhance data accuracy by reducing manual data entry, automating workflows, implementing quality control measures, and integrating with analytical instruments. These features collectively help minimize errors, improve efficiency, and ensure reliable and accurate data management in the laboratory setting.

Barcode-Based Specimen Tracking

Our software incorporates barcode technology to track specimens throughout the entire testing process. By scanning barcodes, the system ensures accurate specimen identification and minimizes the risk of human errors associated with manual data entry.

Electronic Data Capture

NovoPath 360 enables electronic data capture directly from laboratory instruments and devices. This eliminates the need for manual transcription of data, reducing the chances of errors introduced during the data entry process.

Integration with Analytical Instruments

Pathology Reporting Software

NovoPath 360 integrates seamlessly with laboratory instruments, allowing for direct data transfer from these instruments to the system. This integration minimizes manual data entry, reduces the risk of transcription errors, and improves overall data accuracy.

Real-Time Data Monitoring

The software provides real-time monitoring and alerts for critical values or abnormal results as well as the loss of any system connections. This enables laboratory personnel to identify and correct any potential errors immediately, ensuring data accuracy.

Audit Trails and Data Security

NovoPath 360 maintains detailed audit trails that track all changes made to data, providing transparency and accountability.

Molecular Pathology LIS Software

Get Started with NovoPath 360

Administrators and information technology specialists working in labs would be wise to carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks associated with implementing a laboratory information system such as NovoPath 360.  The implementation of a laboratory information system is without a doubt a strategic choice to improve laboratory productivity and efficiency.  Get started with a demo of NovoPath today.

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