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Redefining How Diagnostic Labs Operate with Comprehensive SaaS-Based LIS Platform

The team at NovoPath is ecstatic to introduce NovoPath 360, a brand-new SaaS-based laboratory information system (LIS). The NovoPath 360 platform is raising the bar by giving diagnostic labs a 360° approach to performing, managing, and optimizing their laboratories. Built with automated workflows, increased visibility, seamless interoperability, and enhanced tools and capabilities, NovoPath 360 is powering laboratories to run like well-oiled machines.

The past couple of years have expedited the need for smaller LIS footprints, digital pathology, and intuitive systems – NovoPath listened. With NovoPath 360, laboratories finally have a system that is easy to use, scales on-demand, and encompasses the tools and connectivity to deliver fast diagnoses. Without the need to require additional resources for maintenance and support.

Easy to Use Laboratory Information System

Laboratory Information System
NovoPath 360 has been completely redesigned with the help of leading pathology labs around the world. Our updated UI improves overall usability making it easy to learn, efficient to use, produces fewer errors, and best of all, keeps your team happy. The new UI has been proven to cut task times down by as much as 85%.

“In other systems, it takes minutes to just release a report, with NovoPath it takes seconds!”

Pathologist, Western Pathology Inc.

Focusing on useability, as a quality goal. The NovoPath 360 LIS platform now enables users to:

  • Complete tasks faster with fewer clicks
  • Perform work without the need to touch a keyboard with integrated voice dictation
  • Automate batch scan and case assignment
  • Securely login from any location
  • Use hotkeys for stain menus, report releases, and more

“The NovoPath team listened when we spoke. NovoPath 360 doesn’t make me click everywhere, I am easily able to add images, and I don’t have continuously hit the save button every two seconds. These may seem small, but when doing it 100s of times a day – it becomes a big deal – Thank you NovoPath!

Leading Pathologist

NovoPath 360 Extends Platform Capabilities

Today’s labs need a LIS that allows them to work in an efficient manner,  enables growth, and seamlessly connects to registries, equipment, payers, EMRs, and other labs.

NovoPath 360 LIS platform offers just that. Built on reliable cloud infrastructure, it empowers digital transformation giving labs a competitive edge with new and improved capabilities:

  • Enhanced role-based configurability allows roles to only see the information they need to complete their tasks
  • Multi-window support gives users visibility into all case data from a single screen
  • Quick access menus for handy access to advanced tools and actions
  • Single sign-on to reduce the need for multiple passwords and enable fewer attacks from bad actors
  • Worklists to drive task priority and completion
  • Freeform keyword searching allows users to bypass DX codes and easily assign codes
  • Rules-based quality control to ensure each report going out is error-free
  • Support of TCPC workflows
  • Hands-free grossing allows grossing to be done in 90 seconds
  • HL7 Connectivity to partner labs, HIS, EMRs, payers, and more
  • 95.95% Uptime ensuring your lab is always operating

Software as a Service LIS Solutions

Offering SaaS LIS solutions, NovoPath 360 supports the dynamic and growing needs of agile laboratories. NovoPath 360 alleviates the expense and is sometimes hard to find people to employ to make sure your LIS stays up and running.

When you have a sudden increase in test requests, our platform is fully scalable to handle increased workloads and just as easily decreased workflows.

Users can access the platform by simply typing in a URL. With NovoPath 360, you’ll never have unexpected downtime, updates are done without the need to schedule downtime or redirect internal resources to the project.

NovoPath 360 LIS solutions include:

  • Surgical
  • Molecular
  • FISH
  • Cytogenetics
  • Urology
  • Dermatopathology
  • Cytology
  • Hematopathology
  • Genomics

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