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What Are the Benefits of Digital Pathology Software?

Step into the future of pathology. Whole slide imaging can completely change how you run your lab, allowing you to use technological progress to increase accuracy, prevent errors and streamline your laboratory workflow. We have the software to use virtual microscopy for telepathology, image analysis, and other functions, making your lab more competitive. By interfacing with several FDA-approved WSI instruments, NovoPath positions you among the first to use digital slides for easy access and sharing, enhancing collaboration while increasing accuracy and speeding up your diagnoses.

Digital pathology is revolutionizing the way labs operate. Everything you know about microscopy, image analysis, and histopathology is changing. Whole slide imaging allows you to step beyond the boundaries of your physical location, allowing your pathologists to access slides remotely and conduct tumor boards from anywhere in the world.

Whether your facility is involved in cancer research or genetic testing, our WSI software can help you connect with experts around the globe. High-resolution digital slides increase accuracy by allowing your pathologists to zoom from complete histological sections down to the cell level or subcellular structures.

Enhance sample management efficiencies. Digital pathology has many benefits for labs, including better image quality, greater control over magnification, and ease of access for pathologists and techs. Digital slides don’t deteriorate over time, require less storage space, and can be cataloged in your NovoPath AP LIS or another document management system for quick retrieval.

NovoPath has interfaces available for the following WSI instruments

  • Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution
  • Leica Aperio ImageScope
  • Hamamatsu NanoZoomer Digital Pathology
  • MoticEasyScan

Digital Pathology

Look Closer

We have the digital pathology solution you need to take your lab to the next level

Plug-and-play instrument interface

  • Easily adopt your preferred WSI solution
  • Supports interfaces with most major digital pathology instrument providers
  • Real-time remote viewing

Access live slide images from anywhere in the world

  • Work with experts from around the globe
  • Have your pathologists render their diagnoses remotely to save time

Trusted support

  • NovoPath’s trusted team ensures you have a smooth implementation process
  • Take advantage of ongoing support from a team that’s committed to your success
  • Save time and money with NovoPath’s digital pathology solution

How can your lab benefit from digital pathology software?

Teaching hospitals, universities, and stand-alone pathology laboratories are discovering the benefits of using whole-slide imaging rather than traditional pathology slides. As the technology advances, more and more of your clients will expect you to use whole slide imaging to save time, improve accuracy and collaborate effectively.

NovoPath’s digital pathology software offers these benefits:

  • Improved productivity: Think about how much time is spent preparing traditional slides, retrieving them from storage, and shipping them to other laboratories. Digital pathology increases efficiency by automating your workflow and speeding up the most time-consuming processes. Digital slides can even help you avoid wasting time trying to find just the right microscope setting.
  • Increased accuracy: Digital pathology uses algorithms to automate slide analysis, increasing accuracy while reducing the time it takes to diagnose.
  • Better imaging: With whole slide images, pathologists can examine slides from multiple angles. Digital pathology tools can even be used for annotation and measurement.
  • Fewer errors: Preserve your lab’s reputation using WSI software to avoid misidentifications and other errors. Because these slides are stored digitally, you can also avoid errors related to slide breakage.

WSI technology is so versatile that it can be used for multiple applications in the healthcare industry:

  • Diagnostic pathology: Use whole slide images to identify the underlying cause of a patient’s symptoms based on pathological findings.
  • Resident training: Introduce medical residents to virtual microscopy and its many benefits to enhance the reputation of your hospital-based pathology department. Residents in your lab will be well-prepared to use whole slide imaging and other techniques when they graduate from medical school.
  • Consultations: With whole slide images, it’s easy to consult with pathologists worldwide. Digital pathology eliminates the need to ship physical slides to consultants, helping you make faster diagnoses.
  • Tumor boards: A tumor board is a great opportunity to share your knowledge about interesting cases, but preparing physical slides is time-consuming. Prepare for your next tumor board meeting with WSI software, which makes it easy to prepare digital slides to share with other attendees.

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