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NovoPath Laboratory Information System

The Importance of Technical Support with LIS Software

What makes laboratory software truly effective in helping modern labs thrive? While laboratory information system software is essential for managing data, workflows, and compliance, its true value hinges on the support that backs it up. Technical support resolves issues, navigates challenges, and maximizes productivity for the labs we work with.

Immediate Resolution of Technical Issues

Even the best software can occasionally experience hiccups. Lab technicians might spend hours diagnosing and fixing problems without a dedicated technical support team, causing workflow disruptions and delays. With prompt technical support, labs can quickly identify issues, implement solutions, and return to regular operations with minimal downtime. This swift resolution saves precious time, prevents data loss, and keeps productivity on track.

Personalized Guidance for Workflow Optimization

Each lab has its unique requirements and workflows. A well-trained support team understands these differences and provides tailored guidance to make the software fit seamlessly into daily operations. From configuration tips to suggesting optimal workflows, technical support ensures that labs aren’t just using their LIS software but leveraging it to its fullest potential. This personalized assistance improves efficiency, accuracy, and happier lab staff.

Seamless Software Updates and Upgrades

Software updates bring new features, enhance security, and fix known bugs. However, deploying these updates isn’t always straightforward. Our technical support provides invaluable assistance in ensuring smooth and successful software upgrades. We guide labs through the upgrade process, helping avoid unexpected compatibility issues or downtime. By maintaining up-to-date software, laboratories can confidently utilize the latest tools and features while complying with industry standards.

Training and Skill Development

LIS software can be complex, especially for new users or teams integrating new features. Technical support is crucial in training lab staff to effectively understand and utilize all software capabilities. Whether through webinars, documentation, or one-on-one training sessions, the support team helps users build confidence and proficiency. This comprehensive training ensures employees at all skill levels can navigate the software efficiently, reducing errors and improving productivity.

Preventive Maintenance and Monitoring

While immediate resolution is essential, preventing issues before they arise is even better. Our technical support offers preventive maintenance and system monitoring, identifying potential problems like performance degradation or storage limits before they impact lab operations. This proactive monitoring minimizes disruptions and helps laboratories plan for necessary maintenance, ensuring continued productivity.

Maximizing Return On Investment

LIS software is a significant investment, but one that pays off when used correctly. Technical support ensures labs extract the most value from their software by helping them fully utilize features, avoid common issues, and solve problems promptly. This maximizes the return on investment and allows laboratories to operate more effectively with streamlined processes, accurate data, and reliable reporting.

Strengthening The Lab’s Reputation

Technical support is a cornerstone of effective LIS software usage. It offers immediate issue resolution, workflow optimization, training, and compliance assistance. It prevents small technical glitches from snowballing into significant problems and empowers lab teams to handle daily challenges confidently. Investing in comprehensive technical support ensures laboratories can maximize their software’s potential and maintain efficient, secure, and compliant operations.

NovoPath is the premier choice LIS for anatomic, molecular, and veterinary pathology labs. Our support team is second to none. Learn more about our technical support capabilities by scheduling a demo.

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