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Manual case scheduling is one of the most resource-intensive activities in a pathology department. Without the right tools, schedulers have to keep track of employee work schedules, potential conflicts of interest and pathologist specialties, all of which can cause delays. NovoPath’s scheduling solution eliminates these frustrations, saving time and increasing efficiency in even the largest health care organizations.

Importance of Staff Scheduling in Health Care

Scheduling is one of the most critical aspects of an efficient pathology department as it determines how long it takes to complete a case. NovoPath Staff Scheduler is a real-time staffing solution designed specifically for busy pathology departments with a wide range of employee schedules.

Efficient case distribution ensures cases aren’t delayed because a pathologist is out of town for a professional conference or busy with other work. It also frees up staff members for revenue-generating activities, which could make a pathology department more profitable, a key consideration in the health care industry.

Specialty Assignments

NovoPath’s medical staff scheduling software allows administrators to set up case distribution rules based on pathology specialty, ensuring the most qualified pathologist works on each case. It’s also possible to route cases based on staff work schedules, ensuring the highest levels of patient care and patient satisfaction even when pathologists have to swap shifts or update staff schedules with little notice. Any time a pathologist’s schedule changes, the scheduling platform immediately adjusts its routing practices based on employee availability.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

NovoPath’s medical lab staff scheduling software also has tools to help pathology departments avoid conflicts of interest and eliminate even the appearance of such a conflict. The pathology scheduling platform allows users to set up blacklists to prevent pathologists from being assigned to certain cases. If a pathologist previously worked with Dr. Smith, for example, the blacklist could be used to prevent any cases from Dr. Smith from being assigned to that pathologist.

Cost Savings

Due to advances in medical science and technology, pathology departments across the United States are dealing with exponential growth in their case volume. This was especially true in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the hospitalizations of thousands of people, many of whom developed serious complications. NovoPath Staff Scheduler helps pathology departments reduce costs by automating many health care scheduling activities. As an added benefit, the employee scheduling module reduces labor costs by eliminating the need to hire full-time staff just to handle scheduling activities.

Additional Benefits

Cost savings aren’t the only reason to use NovoPath’s pathology case distribution software. Automated scheduling increases efficiency, improves accuracy, and prevents errors associated with manual work. The employee case distribution software also allows pathology departments to streamline their scheduling activities, resulting in fewer mistakes and less time spent on case management. As a result, using NovoPath’s scheduling system can help pathology departments improve their reputations, resulting in more referrals.

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