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Pathology LIS Software

Effortlessly support modern-day laboratory operations with the most comprehensive cloud-based pathology lab reporting software that supports anatomic workflows including ancillary molecular testing.

Anatomic Pathology LIS Software


Perform Anatomic and Molecular Tests from a Single Case
With Our APLIS

Surgical LIS


Power end-to-end workflow efficiency for all histology workflows.

NovoPath Laboratory Information System

Veterinary Pathology

See why the world's leading vet path labs choose NovoPath



Drive gynecologic and non-gynecologic workflow efficiency.



Provide rapid diagnosis for diseases of the blood and related tissues.

Cloud Storage


Expedite test orders pathology results, and reimbrustments.

Client Reviews

What NovoPath 360 Clients Say!

We had a 30% increase in volume this January from last, and without NovoPath in place as our LIS, our previous LIS would have been a bottleneck to not handle the volume in take.
Dr. DeSantis, Pathologist
Westlake Dermatology
"As we moved into the digital pathology space, we worked with a few different vendors. In phase one, we used Leica scanners and software; in phase two, we paired Leica scanners with Paige AI software, which integrates with NovoPath, our LIS. Working with these three vendors, allowed for varied functionalities, security, ease of use, and quality, enabling us to offer our clients one cohesive solution. The benefits of this new technology include a faster turnaround time, image analysis with AI, and a simplification of archiving and storage of slides.
Tonia Visalli, VP Business Operations
Inform Diagnostics


Less Clicks + Streamlined Workflows = Faster Diagnoses

NovoPath’s Anatomic Pathology LIS is the ultimate laboratory information management system for diagnostics labs. It connects every part of your lab on one simple yet powerful platform. Accessible from anywhere and updated in real-time, NovoPath gives everyone on your team the right tools to diagnose more cases fast and accurately.

We understand what makes an anatomic laboratory efficient, scalable, and successful. Our Pathology LIMS software doesn’t simply increase efficiency by deploying automation; we generate insightful patient reports, facilitate workflow adjustments and drive innovation by letting you get on with urgent, specialized work.

Woman Working in Laboratory with LIS

HIPPA & SOC2 Compliant

Secure Platform

Digital Pathology

Whole Slide Imaging

Fully Customizable

Reporting and Interfaces

Molecular Ancillary Testing

Single Case = Single Report

Accession to Storage

Specimen Tracking

The Most Comprehensive Anatomic Pathology LIS Software Available

NovoPath 360 is an award-winning anatomic pathology LIS. With a full set of comprehensive capabilities and tools, out-of-the-box workflows, seamless interoperability, and 24×7 support, NovoPath 360 is trusted by 100s of labs.

Anatomic Pathology LIS

Power your anatomic pathology lab with the most robust set of capabilities of our pathology lab reporting software; order entry, OCR, batch label printing, hands-free grossing, whole-slide imagining, accession to storage specimen tracking, automatic case distribution, fully customizable reports, and ancillary molecular testing. 

Get More Done in Less Clicks

Intuitive UI

Track Discrepancies

Identify bottlenecks instantly

Seamless Interoperability

Partner labs, HIS, EMR and more

Automated Case Distribution & Assignment

Internal and external

Voice Dictation

Hands free grossing

New Drivers Pushing Beyond Cloud to SaaS-Based Laboratory Information Systems

Anatomic Pathology New Drivers Pushing Beyond Cloud to SaaS Laboratory Information Systems

Comprehensive Anatomic Pathology Software

On-Demand Scalability in Pathology Lab Management Systems - Add Anatomic or Molecular Specialties

Surgical Pathology

  • Capture results with one key entry for multiple fields including diagnosis, microscopic description, comments, and billing codes
  • Electronic CAP Cancer checklists are available
  • Setup automatic flagging for malignancy, cancer reporting, and other custom categories
  • Automatically attach outside results to the case/patient report to render on the final integrated report
  • Rules to drive client preferred specimen processing protocols that are handled externally via paper trails

Gynecological Cytology

  • Perform routine Pap smear samples using CAP built-in guidelines
  • Enable multi-tier QA sign-out (cytotec, senior tech, pathologist) and automatically flag for QA based upon lab procedures
  • Easily build rules to reflex molecular testing based on the Pap smear results
  • Leverage barcodes and easy-to-use touch-screen monitors, thereby decreasing the technologist’s need for computer interaction time to report GYN cases


NovoPath’s versatile pathology lab reporting software allows Histology labs to operate with a lean process flow using our specimen tracking system which not only tracks custody of specimen materials but also provides quality measures to ensure specimen handling meets your lab protocols.

  • Track materials from check-in through slide and block archival.
  • Real-time updates are available for techs as soon as stains are ordered by a pathologist


  • Batch sign out cases for a faster release process
  • Diagnostic library drives ICD protocols based upon specimen source entered
  • Keep single diagnosis codes but drive different billing charges based upon the specimen source


  • Complete a full comprehensive case – one accession with multiple tests including biopsies, karyotyping, FISH, flow cytometry, molecular, etc.
  • Easier and more accurate data entry that allows you to import multiple images and scatter plots
  • Tests have separate pending lists and can be signed out at different personal throughout the case processing

Gastrointestinal Pathology

  • Autoload staining protocols based upon specimen sources added which ease the stress of maintaining this manually in the LIS
  • Have detailed and illustrated organ maps on patient reports 


  •  Detailed and illustrated organ maps on patient report template (Partin and Han tables included as well)
  • Ready to build accession protocols to allow users to enter in multiple parts with a single click
Laboratory Information System

Find Out More About NovoPath's Anatomic Pathology LIS

NovoPath is redefining what an anatomic pathology laboratory information system is. Our APLIS SaaS platform enables anatomic pathology labs around the world to automate, track, simplify and complete complex cases from hemes to derm faster than ever before.

We are raising the bar with one-of-a-kind capabilities helping labs accession, diagnose and generate fully customizable reports faster. Our clients are increasing case reviews, reducing operating costs, and establishing customer loyalty.

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