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NovoPath Laboratory Information System


Reduce Turnaround Times with The Top Rated Histology LIS Software

Anatomic Pathology LIS


One Histology LIS for all Subspecialties

NovoPath has taken laboratory information systems to a new level with NovoPath 360, the most comprehensive histology LIS platform available. 

Our data exchange solutions give labs a complete view of their operations while streamlining workflows to automate, track, simplify, scale, and complete cases faster than ever before. NovoPath 360 has the capabilities and tools needed to produce accurate results faster. From heme to derm testing, we’re empowering labs to increase caseloads, reduced operating costs, and establish customer loyalty. NovoPath 360 supports all anatomic and molecular workflows. 

Histology LIS

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Seamless Interoperability  Cloud-Based  Rated #1 for Anatomic Pathology

Laboratory Information Systems


Histology LIS Software to Boost Productivity and Performance

NovoPath 360 gives histology laboratories the ability to access their LIS wherever they reside without unnecessary IT complexities. Our histology LIS system has the most intuitive user interface with preconfigured workflows to reduce the number of clicks your team has to make, combined with a wide range of tools to drive productivity and performance.

NovoPath 360 is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) Histology LIS platform. That means NovoPath manages and handles all of your infrastructure, security, and updates. All your team has to do is configure and log in!

Ask us how we support macros, templates, procedure defaults, hotkeys, and voice recognition.

Enable seamless integrations, patient verification, and even propensity to pay within your lab operations.

 NovoPath 360 supports upfront and batch scanning. 

Automate label creation, print in batch, and enable print profiles for containers, cassettes, tubes, and slides. 

Leverage our 30+ years of workflow best practices so you don’t have to make the mistakes we’ve already learned from.

NovoPath 360 has a slew of prebuilt management reports that will allow you to easily manage and provide transparency within your lab.

NovoPath 360 tracks all materials from accessing to storage capturing real-time metrics around how long actions take to, who worked on the specimen, and where it is within your lab.

NovoPath 360 provides preconfigured user roles, workflows, and role-based permissions allowing you to provide the right information to the right people at the right time. 

NovoPath 360 result reports are 100% customizable. Add gross and slide images, add logos, and preconfigure reports for specific clients. You dream it, we can do it.

Preconfigured diagnosis and microscopic descriptions are loaded and allow you to use the combination of two different diagnosis codes to reduce time searching and the number of clicks pathologists have to make. 

NovoPath is giving the power of our Histology LIS software back to our clients. Like never before, admins can configure any feature, UIs, workflows, permissions, macros, and a whole lot more whenever they need to – without the need to contact us. 

NovoPath 360 supports all digital pathology workflows and is integrated seamlessly with all microscopes and viewers.

NovoPath 360 built-in CAP checklists flag missing information and integrate directly into final reports.

Cloud - Based Data Exchange Engine

Seamless Interoperability

NovoPath Laboratory Information System

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What Histology Labs Are Saying

"I like Novopath for it's functionality and customizability. There are a lot of different options and tools to make it fit in perfectly for your individual lab and users."
"What we like most is that the integration with our EHR system is seamless. NovoPath support was very helpful in providing the necessary resources to make the transition into our new EHR. NovoPath record keeping and compliance with regulations is important to us and we feel they keep up to date frequently."

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NovoPath is redefining laboratory information systems. Our SaaS histology LIS platform enables anatomic pathology labs around the world to automate, track, simplify and complete complex cases from hemes to derm faster than ever before.

We are raising the bar with one-of-a-kind capabilities helping labs accession, diagnose and generate fully customizable reports faster. Our clients are increasing case reviews, reducing operating costs, and establishing customer loyalty.

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