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NovoPath Laboratory Information System

Veterinary Pathology LIS Software to Manage Your Lab

Optimize your veterinary lab operations with our comprehensive, cloud-based LIS designed specifically for veterinary pathology.

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NovoPath Laboratory Information System

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Veterinary Pathology:
The Critical Role of Advanced Software in Modern Labs

NovoPath Laboratory Information System


Empowering Precision, Enhancing Efficiency

Our Veterinary Pathology LIS integrates seamlessly with your lab workflows, enabling precise and efficient diagnostic processes for a variety of animal species.

Whether you’re handling routine check-ups or complex diagnostic cases for companion or livestock animals, NovoPath’s veterinary pathology software supports your needs with, turn-key, end-to-end solutions that help save time, money, and effectively serve more patients faster.

Comprehensive Solutions for Veterinary Pathology

Specific Veterinary Functionality

Capture Data for Age, Species, Gender, Spay/Neuter, and Breed.

Customize reports with animal-specific reference intervals and taxonomy.

Extensive Search Capabilities

Search by owner name to easily locate records, overcoming common pet name issues.

Convenient Access to Test Results and Linked Images

Include animal lineage documentation and alerts.

Automatic Email Appointment Reminders

Improve animal care with timely notifications.

Animal Information Display

Display vital details like spayed/neutered status, pen/cage location, and microchip number.

Surgical Pathology

Enhance your lab’s capabilities with tools designed for comprehensive tissue examination and diagnosis.


Improve workflow efficiency for all histology procedures, from specimen preparation to final report.


Facilitate rapid and accurate cytological evaluations for both gynecologic and non-gynecologic specimens.


Deliver swift and accurate diagnoses for diseases affecting the blood and related tissues.

Laboratory Information System

Client Reviews

What NovoPath 360 Clients Say!

We had a 30% increase in volume this January from last, and without NovoPath in place as our LIS, our previous LIS would have been a bottleneck to not handle the volume in take.
Dr. DeSantis, Pathologist
"As we moved into the digital pathology space, we worked with a few different vendors. In phase one, we used Leica scanners and software; in phase two, we paired Leica scanners with Paige AI software, which integrates with NovoPath, our LIS. Working with these three vendors, allowed for varied functionalities, security, ease of use, and quality, enabling us to offer our clients one cohesive solution. The benefits of this new technology include a faster turnaround time, image analysis with AI, and a simplification of archiving and storage of slides.
Tonia Visalli, VP Business Operations

Ready to Transform Your Veterinary Lab?

Experience the future of veterinary diagnostics with NovoPath’s Veterinary Pathology LIS.

Our comprehensive, cloud-based solution is designed to streamline your lab operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure precise diagnostic outcomes.

Contact us today to schedule your personalized demo and see how NovoPath can revolutionize your veterinary lab.

NovoPath Laboratory Information System