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Veterinary Pathology LIS Software to Manage Your Lab

Optimize your veterinary lab operations with our comprehensive, cloud-based LIS designed specifically for veterinary pathology.

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NovoPath Laboratory Information System

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NovoPath Laboratory Information System


Empowering Precision, Enhancing Efficiency

Our Veterinary Pathology LIS integrates seamlessly with your lab workflows, enabling precise and efficient diagnostic processes for a variety of animal species.

Whether you’re handling routine check-ups or complex diagnostic cases for companion or livestock animals, NovoPath’s veterinary pathology software supports your needs with, turn-key, end-to-end solutions that help save time, money, and effectively serve more animal’s needs faster.

Plus, we’re animal lovers ourselves!

NovoPath Laboratory Information System
NovoPath Laboratory Information System
NovoPath Laboratory Information System

Comprehensive Solutions for Veterinary Pathology

Specific Veterinary Functionality

Our system captures essential data such as age, species, gender, spay/neuter status, and breed, ensuring comprehensive case records.

Configure reports with animal-specific reference intervals and taxonomy for precise and relevant diagnostic insights.

Additionally, our LIS supports diverse species and breeds, allowing for detailed and accurate record-keeping across a wide range of veterinary cases.

This enables your lab to provide tailored diagnostics that enhance the quality and accuracy of veterinary care.

Extensive Search Capabilities

Search by owner name to easily locate records, overcoming common pet name issues.

Our system also allows you to search using a variety of parameters such as species, breed, and medical history, ensuring you can find the exact records you need quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, the advanced search filters enable precise retrieval of information, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and allowing more focus on delivering high-quality veterinary diagnostics.

Convenient Access to Test Results and Linked Images

Include animal lineage documentation and alerts.

Our system ensures that all test results and linked images are easily accessible, providing a comprehensive view of each case.

Additionally, real-time updates and notifications keep you informed of critical changes and findings, allowing for prompt and informed decision-making.

This seamless integration of data enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your diagnostic processes.

Automatic Email Notifications

When reports are ready for review for providers.

Our system ensures that providers receive instant notifications as soon as new reports are available, minimizing delays in communication.

These automatic email alerts can be customized to fit the preferences and schedules of your team, enhancing workflow efficiency and ensuring timely access to critical diagnostic information.

Additionally, this feature helps maintain a consistent and reliable communication channel between your laboratory and veterinary practitioners.

Animal Information Display

Display vital details like spayed/neutered status, pen/cage location, and microchip number.

Our system also includes fields for recording vaccination history, diet, and behavioral notes, providing a comprehensive overview of each animal’s profile.

This thorough documentation ensures that all relevant information is easily accessible to veterinary staff, facilitating better-informed decisions and personalized care.

Moreover, the intuitive display allows for quick updates and retrieval of critical data, streamlining the workflow within your laboratory.

Veterinary Surgical Pathology

Enhance your lab’s capabilities with tools designed for comprehensive tissue examination and diagnosis.

Our system includes advanced imaging integration for high-resolution tissue scans, enabling detailed analysis and accurate assessments.

Additionally, specialized pathology templates and automated workflows streamline the diagnostic process, ensuring consistency and precision in your findings.

These features support your lab in delivering high-quality surgical pathology services, improving outcomes for veterinary patients and strengthening your reputation for excellence.


Improve workflow efficiency for all histology procedures, from specimen preparation to final report.

Our system integrates seamlessly with histology equipment, automating tasks such as specimen tracking, staining protocols, and digital slide management.

This integration reduces manual errors and enhances the speed and accuracy of your processes.

Additionally, customizable reporting templates and real-time data access ensure that your histopathology reports are comprehensive and precise, supporting informed decision-making and high standards of care in veterinary diagnostics.


Facilitate rapid and accurate cytological & clinical evaluations for all your offered testing (i.e. cytology w/o smear, protein electrophoresis, body & fluid analysis ,CBC, etc.

Our system supports streamlined workflows for sample collection, processing, and analysis, ensuring that each step is performed with precision.

Advanced image analysis tools and automated cell counting enhance diagnostic accuracy, while customizable templates and integrated reporting make it easy to generate comprehensive and detailed cytology reports.

These features help your lab deliver timely and reliable cytological evaluations, improving patient care and diagnostic confidence.


Deliver swift and accurate diagnoses for diseases affecting the blood and related tissues.

Our system integrates advanced hematology analyzers and flow cytometry data, providing a comprehensive platform for analyzing blood samples.

Enhanced data visualization tools and automated classification algorithms facilitate precise identification of hematologic disorders.

Additionally, our customizable reporting and real-time data access streamline the diagnostic process, ensuring that your hematopathology services are both efficient and highly accurate, ultimately improving patient outcomes and care quality.

Digital Pathology 

NovaPath integrates with digital pathology platforms to streamline the process for pathologist slide reading.

Our system supports high-resolution digital slide imaging and remote access, enabling pathologists to review and analyze slides from any location.

Enhanced collaboration tools facilitate real-time consultations and second opinions, improving diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.

Additionally, automated image analysis and AI-driven insights assist in identifying patterns and anomalies, further supporting pathologists in delivering precise and timely diagnoses.

Specimen Tracking

NovoPath’s specimen tracking allows a laboratory to manage the full chain of custody on all specimen handling.

Our system provides real-time tracking of specimens from collection to final diagnosis, ensuring complete traceability and accountability.

Barcoding and RFID integration enhance accuracy and reduce the risk of errors, while automated alerts and updates keep your team informed of specimen status.

This comprehensive tracking capability ensures that every specimen is handled with precision and care, maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability in your laboratory operations.

Laboratory Information System

Ready to Transform Your Veterinary Lab?

Experience the future of veterinary diagnostics with NovoPath’s Veterinary Pathology LIS.

Our comprehensive, cloud-based solution is designed to streamline your lab operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure precise diagnostic outcomes.

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NovoPath Laboratory Information System